J. Cartledge

Leporid Natural History

Eroding Ridge (for Wolcott Family)


two-color lithograph

17 ½" x 24 ½"

Eroding Ridge (for Wolcott Family) – In 1909, Charles Wolcott discovered a major formation in the Canadian Rockies that became known as the Burgess Shale. For the next fifteen years, Wolcott brought his family to the site where they uncovered a multitude of Cambrian-era (500 million years ago) fossils that displayed a vast and bizarre array of very early life forms. While the characters in this print are inspired by photographs of the Wolcott family in action, the environment and the fossils displayed are the result of trips my wife ad I have taken to upstate New York on our own fossil hunting excursions. Shown are some of the Devonian Era (400 million years ago) fossils we have found.